About Us

Three years ago John Frusciante created the First Team Podcast because mainstream media was not covering the Boys In Green. Only fan media outlets ( Twice A Cosmo, Cosmos Soccer Fan and Empire Of Soccer) were covering the team. Before John thought of the idea to create a Cosmos Supporter Podcast he would wake up each day and read every single one of those blogs for the latest Cosmos news. Today John Frusciante and the First Team Podcast team are bringing you Cosmos news every single day.

John Frusciante was listening to other NASL Supporter podcasts before he started his own. The one show he would look forward to every Thursday was The Tailgate show formerly a Fort Lauderdale Strikers Supporter Podcast now a show that covers their local NPSL Side, Boca Raton FC. He loved that show because it was like he was with his buddies, great banter and just an all around great listen.

From listening to The Tailgate Show, John created the First Team Podcast. In New York City mainstream media is not covering the Cosmos and that’s why we are here. We are a dedicated media outlet to cover the Cosmos from all angles.

John is a die-hard Cosmos supporter that loves sharing his opinion on the club and talking to people that are involved in the club today or interviewing supporters, employees of the club, players and coaches of the Cosmos team from back in the day.

We appreciate all the support for the past three years and we hope to continue to provide great coverage of the club we love, the New York Cosmos.