On this weeks episode we play the full audio of NASL v USSF Appeal Hearing which was held this past Friday. John discusses the importance of the hearing and why the NASL is important to U.S Soccer.

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1 thought on “EP 175: NASL v USSF Appeal Hearing

  1. the USSF attorney and the people on the board who voted against the NASL do not know or understand the beautiful game. And that is the reason why the USMNT is out of the world cup. I blame Garber and Gulati and SUM and the current structure for the failure.The NASL not only brought soccer to this Country in the 70’s but is planning to make competitive in the world and now when we need the USSF support they decide to terminate us and our future just like that!.
    Because of Gulati and Garber and SUM all of us NASL fans may not have our teams back, then I will never support any other team from MLS, except my beloved team the New York Cosmos . Forever white and green!!

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