John discusses the latest Cosmos and NASL news. Kartik Krishnaiyer joins the show to discuss the future of the North American Soccer League and other topics regarding the NASL and lower division soccer.

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3 thoughts on “EP: 176 The Future Of The NASL With Kartik Krishnaiyer

  1. As you all know the NY Cosmos Club Historian Dr. David Kilpatrick wrote an open letter to the USSF on January 2018. In response I say Dr. Kilpatrick was right on! He has expressed Cosmos fans sentiment and passion and we all are grateful for his advocacy in behave of our beloved club.
    Gulati is out and hopefully the right person becomes USSF President, I haven’t heard all of his positions but what I’ve heard from ERIC WYNALDA I like so hopefully he wins the election. Someone has to stand up to the snake that is Don Garber (commissioner of the MLS). He and Gulati and Kathy Carter the President of Soccer United Marketing (SUM) and Vice-President of USSF Carlos Cordeiro have worked hand and hand unaware of all the damage they have done to US Soccer, NASL and The New York Cosmos. We should be on FIFA calendar and should have promotion / relegation. Two very important topics that WYNALDA is in favor of. The time has arrived.
    Forever a New York Cosmos Fan.

  2. Well first off I was as die hard a New York COSMOS fan as they came in the 70’s, I travelled to away matches and followed them from Yankee Stadium out to Hofstra and Randall’s Island… on back to Yankee Stadium and off to New Jersey for the Beckenbauer years, so I have had skin in the game. But the reality here is that MLS has the clout to get what it wants, and one thing they wanted whether they admit it or not was to either co-opt any competition (they pretty much control the USL) or force it out of business (the NASL)… they never were truly in any trouble but want total control of the game here and if there eventually had been a strike or a lock out the NASL might have become a haven for their Journeymen players… they couldn’t have that around. So they pressured the USSF to impose “rules” about the size of a market if any league wanted D1 status and rules about how many “time zones” needed to be included and other regulations they knew would be hard to impossible for any league other than MLS to comply with… add to that MLS having systematically picked off markets and teams from the NASL and it’s original A-League … so Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Orlando, Minnesota, Atlanta etc… were no longer around to be the backbone of the lower leagues, but then we see the USSF turn around and attack them for not being large enough or broad enough… it was adding insult to injury.
    So now we have barely the shell of a league and instead of talking about what is needed for mere survival we get talk of Promotion and Relegation? Pro/Rel from WHERE and from WHAT? Then talk of going by the “traditional” Summer to Spring Calendar … are you serious? Have you ever been to Canada in mid Winter? How about to the Upper Midwest or North East? No way is that going to work and you set yourself up to be going directly head to head with the NFL, NBA and College Football and Basketball… that just is wonderful for die hards maybe but the San Francisco Deltas (League Champions and a dead franchise now) had trouble getting people out to the matches when it was comfortable out… you think those numbers would be better in November or March (hey no way anybody plays outdoors in January or February)… and maintaining a minimum of ten sides to be certified while looking to bring up (or send down) clubs to say the NPSL is never gonna be an easy “sell” to potential ownership groups… no this doesn’t help stability at all. I’m sorry but while I’m upset with the arrogance of MLS and feel single entity retards player development here, I know good and well the history of the game here and can name literally dozens of dead teams and leagues since I first started watching the old New York Generals as a kid. No way Pro/Rel is workable nor is playing a “European” schedule… hey unless the NASL can find at least Ten stable clubs to actually have a season at all this kind of talk is just Fanboy nonsense… they are fighting for simple survival, asking more than that is just a pipe dream at this point.

  3. What does the NY Cosmos mean to me?
    I come from Perú, a soccer-crazy country. When I moved to the USA in 1960 I found a barren country as far as soccer was concerned. I also believed then that soccer had no future in the US and hoping to see a soccer league is was just a pipe dream.
    Then the NASL league and the NY Cosmos emerged in 1971. I finally found my dream come true and I could enjoy again the beautiful game live.
    From the very first time after I watched them play at Hofstra I fell in love with the team and its founders because of their vision to promote the beautiful game here in USA. With the signing of Pele the game flourished and the silent revolution took over and soccer became more popular than ever.
    As an avid Cosmos fan I harbor that dream of witnessing soccer no only becoming a popular sport in my adoptive country but also to be Competitive world-wide by qualifying to the world cup every four years.
    The New York Cosmos leads in that mission to make the US a top soccer country espousing the virtues of free market and the need for a NASL or NISA models with
    Promotion/Relegation. The time has arrived.
    The New York Cosmos means to me a team committed to this cause and promote the format used by the leading soccer leagues of the world for which they have all our support. The Cosmos are no stranger to adversity, and will never die!
    The New York Cosmos is the only team in the hearts of thousands of fans.
    Forever White and Green!

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