John discusses the news that Carlos Mendes has been named head coach of Cosmos B and Danny Szetlea signing a contract extension. Lastly Cosmos are excluded from competing in the 2018 U.S Open Cup, New York Cosmos Owner Rocco Commisso files a grievance with U.S Soccer. John gives his thoughts on the biased regulator, which is U.S Soccer.

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1 thought on “EP 180: Cosmos Excluded From Competing In The 2018 U.S Open Cup, Rocco Commisso Files Grievance With U.S Soccer

  1. Missing out the World Cup it was a disaster for the USSF and MLS.
    For the program to rebound from this catastrophe , the USSF under
    New president Cordeiro must do a better job of providing more
    Opportunities to American soccer players. By not including the
    Three NASL team from the Open Cup is not the way do it. Instead and
    It does not surprise me are doing the opposite. It looks more of the
    Same I hope not. The New York cosmos will continue to have all
    The support from Cosmos Country to continue with their mission to
    Improve the beautiful game in many different ways. This year since we
    Are being exclude from the Open Cup which I hope they change their
    Minds, we can play exhibition games with good teams from South America,
    Specifically teams from Peru. Peruvians are crazy about soccer and this will
    Be evident this coming 27 of March when the Peruvian National team will
    Play an exhibition game vs Islandia at the Red Bull Arena (There are about
    40,000 Peruvians in Paterson and surrounding areas.
    Both teams are in the 2018 World Cup.
    The New York Cosmos vs A Peruvian Team Exhibition game instead of an
    Open cup game cannot fail. We will have a great crowd, an exciting and entertaining game and our boys will Gain great competitive experience.

    Forever Green and White!! Let’s go Cosmos to another Championship!!
    P.S. Cosmos Country is elated with the come back of Carlos Mendes as our new coach and Szetela as our new captain..YES!!

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