At this moment in time we are currently talking about who are the candidates that will potentially run against Sunil Gulati. We are working out who has a vote and who is the best man or woman for the job.

I had a thought when I was watching the halftime interview on MSG Networks with Cosmos owner Rocco B. Commisso. The fans should vote for the U.S Soccer President! I know people might think fans are not smart enough or we don’t know anything about the game like the players, staff and club owners do. That’s the problem. Fans are the most important part of the game. Without fans, clubs won’t be able to attract sponsors and ultimately the club won’t be successful.

The current system gives stakeholders a vote, such as state associations, former players, referees and etc.

Fans under the current system support their local team, show up to the match, root for the team and go home. They have a voice but U.S Soccer doesn’t want to hear it. U.S Soccer only cares about their interests. We as fans can’t protect the future of the game and that’s sad because the fan is the lifeblood of the sport and the people at U.S Soccer have to understand that.

U.S Soccer has a Board Of Directors and each member has a different title based on what they do in the game or what type of experience they might have. Here are the U.S Soccer Board Of Directors as follows:

Sunil K. Gulati

Executive Vice President
Carlos Cordeiro

Immediate Past President (non-voting)
Dr. S. Robert Contiguglia

Athlete Representatives
Chris Ahrens, Carlos Bocanegra, Angela Hucles

Pro Council Representatives
Don Garber, Steve Malik

Adult Council Representatives
Richard Moeller, John Motta

Youth Council Representatives
Jesse Harrell, Tim Turney

At Large Representative
John Collins

Independent Directors
Donna E. Shalala, Val Ackerman, Lisa Carnoy

CEO/Secretary General (non-voting)
Dan Flynn

Some of the board members don’t have the fans’ best interest at heart. For example, Carlos Bocanegra is currently the┬áTechnical Director and Vice President of Atlanta United F.C (MLS). MLS Commissioner Don Garber is on the Pro council alongside North Carolina FC (NASL) owner Steve Malik, who has recently submitted a bid to join MLS. I don’t think Steve wants a new candiate to become President and insert risk into his bid process. These board members most likely will vote for status quo, Sunil Gulati. They don’t want change, they want the same predictable model protecting their investment at the price of institutional mediocrity. People like to say this is the free market at work, and the free market’s entrepreneurs produce innovations. If twenty-five years of curated markets protected from competition by a regulator with whom it shares leadership and shares someone’s idea of innovation, they have not cracked open an early 20th century textbook in a while.

We posted a poll on our Twitter account two days ago, asking the fans who would they vote for if they had a vote. Below are the details, we had 102 votes and 88% voted for Eric Wynalda. Based on this poll, if fans could vote they would elect Eric Wynalda, as the next U.S Soccer President.

As fans we should stand up and do what’s right, demand that fans have the right to vote for the U.S Soccer president. Without the fans this sport is nothing.

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