Most Prestigious Soccer Awards in the World

The number of various football rewards for the best football players just rolls over. And every ceremony is like an Oscar ceremony. This is because, in fact, the whole goal of the career of each individual athlete is to become the best and receive appropriate confirmation. However, besides giving the athletes a boost in their egos and earning a well-deserved reward, they also give the fans something to talk about and create even more excitement. In this article, we will tell you which awards are the most coveted by everyone in the world of sports and why!

Golden Ball Is Everyone’s Dream

The Ballon d’Or is awarded annually to the best football players who have distinguished themselves by special achievements. It becomes literally the most coveted award for every athlete. Since 2007, the rules have been changed, and now not only players from the European continent but also players from all over the world can become participants. Which led to a very touching moment when Pele shed a tear while receiving the cup. This is also proof of the importance of this event for any sports fan.

The King of Football Is an Award for One Person

In 2014, Pele received an unexpected award. The footballer’s fans melted the ball themselves and engraved Pele’s name on it. Thus, he became the only and, most likely, the last owner of this cup. It’s just another way fans wanted to show their love and devotion to the legendary Brazilian.

Golden Boot Is the Main Competitor

The main competitor for the football Golden Ball is the Golden Boot. This ceremony was introduced by UEFA back in 1968 and since then it has been awarded annually. The rules are simple – there is distribution into skill levels that give the player a certain coefficient. Further, this coefficient is multiplied by the number of goals scored, and the final result is obtained. This makes it possible to accurately calculate your position in the rankings and also keep track of your favorites in real-time. As practice shows, many athletes want to get the Golden Boot no less than the already named competitor.

Do You Watch Them?

If you want to break into the world of professional football, then following the award ceremonies and cup progress is an important factor in your development. The fact is that you need to live sports, and then you will receive many benefits. Find your favorite footballer and imagine yourself in his place in the standings. Then your dream will become a reality!